Why Kompaï is a very good tool for walking rehabilitation ? 

The difference between walking and pushing.

With a classical walker , people who have some difficulties to walk, have to push on the product, and walk with it.

Why do they need some help to walk ? 

Because they have some pain on a member, or they are too much tired to walk alone, or they don’t have enough strength to walk alone, or whatever again. The robot Kompaï is more than just a simple walker .

First of all, Kompaï is like an assistant for walking. People put their hands on kompaï’s bars, and walk. Kompaï gives a little impulse at the beginning of the walk, and then that is the movement of the people’s legs that make the robot going on. Like the steering wheel of your car, you orient the robot by turning the bar to the right/left.

In fact, at the level of your legs, on the robot, there is a laser. This laser is detecting your legs’ movements, and is adapting himself to your speed. You give the speed you want, you need, you drive all the walk, Kompaï is assisting you only. This experience can be done with some music, on a specific round, or anything.

The necessity of giving some autonomy to the elderly people

What is the people autonomy ?

People autonomy, is the fact of being able to walk alone, to decide to go from one point to another.

By helping people regain some autonomy, we give them the possibility of living older, and better, we hope so.

That is why walking is such an important exercise for getting older.  Kompaï can make you do some walking exercises, enjoying walking alone again, improving your heart health and getting older better.