SYRIACA Project: An AMR robot (Autonomous Mobile Robot) to transport chemo bags to Bayonne

by | Oct 19, 2022

A robot for transporting medical equipment will soon be tested at the Belharra clinic in Bayonne.

This will allow chemotherapy bags to be transported from their place of production, the pharmacy, to the department where they are administered.

This experiment aims to demonstrate the usefulness of AMRs during a pandemic such as COVID-19.


The komDELIVERY 50 robot

The SYRIACA project, initiated by the independent platform DIH-HERO (DIGITAL INNOVATION HUBS IN HEALTHCARE ROBOTICS) began in early July 2022. This project, which aims to highlight advances in robotics in Europe, propels KOMPAÏ robotics as major player in innovation in health robotics. Our goal in the SYRIACA project is to demonstrate that a multifunction robot meets the needs of situations like COVID-19, where the protocols are not the same from one organization to another. At the end of the pandemic, the robots can resume their usual activities, being able to be reassigned at any time in the event of an emergency.

This project is in partnership with the Belharra Clinic of the RAMSAY SANTÉ group, also a partner in the SYRIACA project. 

The Belharra Clinic teams will host the komDELIVERY 50 logistics AMR in November 2022, which is being developed in our premises in Bidart. This robot will travel from the central pharmacy and the outpatient chemotherapy department. The objective is to limit risky contacts, with the additional ambition of saving time for the nursing staff who will no longer have to go back and forth between the different units. here is a overview of the first turns of the wheel.

In addition to small hospital logistics, the SYRIACA project has other objectives, that of setting up different functionalities to fight against the spread of COVID-19 in hospitals. These functionalities will be tested in the various establishments of the project partners, spread over several European.

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