Autonomous logistics robot

Autonomous logistics robot omnidirectional
four independent motor routes

The kom4WD is a logistics robot with pour
des missions logistiques sur sites ouverts. D’une
great versatility, the possède une charge utile
of 250kg with a maximum speed of 15km/h.
Kom4WD can also serve as a platform for
development for the R&D teams, thank you
à son architecture logicielle ouverte et

> Bridge-to-point transport on industrial sites
> Small logistics on closed sites
> Parcel delivery
> Dumpster transport
> Research and development in robotics

> Optimized user interface
> Autonomous navigation
> Obstacle detection and avoidance
> Laser & GPS guidance
> CE Machine Directive certified

Technical specifications

Dimensions 180 x 93 x 165 cm (L x W x H)
weight 350kg
max load up to 250kg
ground clearance 10 cm
max slope +/- 20%
Power 3.4kW
Speed 0 to 15 km/h
acceleration 0 to 2 m/s²
Autonomy 3h
Motorization 4 driving & steering wheels
Laser Navigation & GPS RTK
LiFePo4 batteries
voltage 48 V DC

kom4WD relies on our 4 open firmwares
PURE: low level, control-command,
sensors, security…
komNAV: includes navigation, generation and
trajectory tracking, obstacle avoidance
ROS: interconnection node with
the environment
UX: web apps for robot control and
user interfaces
R&D: 3 ways to develop your own software:
Complement the existing ROS node and develop one
new with komNAV and PURE access API.
Install a system (on ECU or external PC)
using UDP communication with the low level.
Install an external system (PC or tablet), by
using the http API to interface komNAV, where
low-level functions are also exposed