Robot X2

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N.W.: 15kg
Battery: 20000mAh
HD 1280×800
Charging Input: DC 16.8/2A
Charging Interface: 5.5*2.1
Charging Time: 9H
Keep-running Time: 5H
Storage and Memory: ROM 16GB & RAM 2GB

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1.Video Chat (one way & two way): two way means normal video chat status, one way means you pretend as robot to answer customers’ question, in this status, robot side cannot see what user side are doing, but user can see and hear what robot side happens.
2. Remote Control: Control robot to move around and check the area, or follow people.

3. Face Recognition and Tracking: Register customers’ face inside for next greeting, open tracking function to let robot’s head and body follow customers’ activity, look up and down or turn around, but won’t follow customers’ steps to move

4. Interactive Communications: support basic communication dialogues, and can use voice commands to look up and down, turn left and right, move backwards or forwards, etc.

5. Customized Q&A and Double Screens for Display: load products information inside robot as Q&A to answer customers’ question, the extra tablet can be used to display products’ pictures and videos

6. Cloud Platform: support controling robot, doing video chat and editing Q&A in computer website      

7. Auto Charge: automatically charge itself in lower battery status  8. Emergency Stop: for emergency use 9. Voice interactive prompt: to guide customers’ how to chat with robot, the note is “you can ask me:…”


1. Operating System: Android 5.1                               

2. Recommended Bandwidth: 8 Mbps        

3. Adjustable Head(up and down)                                  

4. WiFi and 4G LTE enabled

Example :

Additional information

Autonomous navigation


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