Reconnaissance robot

Autonomous reconnaissance robot

RF1 is an autonomous reconnaissance robot that can evolve indoors and outdoors. It offers the ability to evolve on almost any type of terrain.
RF1 is a versatile platform and can be configured with different types of sensors depending on the mission.

> Exploration of pipes
> Reconnaissance in a hostile environment
> Evolution on difficult terrain (25% slope)

> Autonomous navigation
> Autonomy greater than 90min
> Laser guidance + GPS + inertial unit > CE machine directive certified

A robust and modular architecture

> Low-level processor board on which with our PURE real-time OS based on Windows CE or Linux.
> Standardized interfaces (CAN bus, Ethernet, USB, serial link, etc.) with the various peripherals.
> The addition of sensors or actuators is made possible without affecting the peripherals already in place.

Technical specifications

636x454x339mm (L x l x H)

<15 Kg


indoor, outdoor


up to 5 km/h




2 tracks

360° rotation



1 laser 360° + GPS + 3D camera+ IMU…

LiFePo 10Ah, 240W

24 V DC