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Kompaï Healthcare Robots is a growing home healthcare robotics company, with an innovative robot, Kompaï, that helps elderly and mobility-impaired individuals live independently and safely. Designed with ease of use and ergonomics in mind, Kompaï can handle daily tasks.

Kompaï Robosoft Engineering

Robosoft Engineering is a leading robotics engineering company, specializing in the design and production of robotic solutions for various industries. With deep expertise in robotics, Robosoft Engineering offers exceptional added value for its clients through innovative and customized solutions.

Kompaï Robotics has greatly improved the quality of life for my father with its practical and user-friendly features. I highly recommend it for home healthcare needs.

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Kompaï Robotics has made a huge impact on my life as a caretaker. Its ability to handle daily tasks and ensure the safety of my loved one has been a game changer. I highly recommend Kompaï for anyone in need of top-notch home healthcare solutions.

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Furious Project

Today, we are lifting the veil on these little tracked robots that have roamed our workshop for 2 years: Furious, a project to provide autonomy in defense robotics, carried out in partnership with, among others, SAFRAN, the DGA and the SME Effidence.Robots with very...

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Why Kompaï is a very good tool for walking rehabilitation ?  The difference between walking and pushing. With a classical walker , people who have some difficulties to walk, have to push on the product, and walk with it. Why do they need some help to walk ?  Because...

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